Registration & payment of
Art of Living training 2020 modules 1 or 1 – 4 with Carsten Dohnke

Only for people that did not join the training before, or the module in January 2020

Hereunder you will find the registrationform for the Art of Living training 2020 module 1-4 with Carsten Dohnke. Please read the options carefully and select the right payment method.

It is possible to sign in for all four modules at once!

You will receive an invoice by mail after registration and (first) payment.

Prices are without lodging and catering costs. You will pay these separate per module. You will receive an email about lodging and catering and a request for payment of these costs before the start of the training.

You can choose to pay the total amount for the training at once at registration or choose to have recurring payments.

Recurring payments consist of 6 monthly fees starting at registration. These monthly payments will be automatically executed at the beginning of the month. By performing the first payment, you give our payment provider permission to execute the other 5 payments as well.

You can choose between:

  • Regular fee 4 modules
    € 2.101,60 at once or 6 times € 358,60 (= € 2.101,60 + € 50)

  • Regular fee first module in case you are not sure wether to follow the whole training.
    € 525,- at once

Select the right fee hereunder and fill in the form,
and make the (first) payment.

You will be forwarded to your bank.
If not, please press the blue button again and check the form for errormessages.

  • Regular fee 4 modules
    € 2.101,60 at once

Register and pay
  • Regular fee 4 modules (in terms)
    6 terms € 358,60

Register and pay
  • Regular fee module 1
    € 525,- at once

Register and pay